August 2022 — 4 Looks at PRICES

Seems like the end of the slide? (not worse than 1 year ago at least) Two year change coalescing at 13% gain – does that mean anything? TrREB Bar Chart — Orange bar — Let’s talk in a month Ron Hauth’s view of the recent Price Surges – since 2010 and since 1972

AUGUST 2022 –4 Looks at Sales

A tick up in a sales doldrum … but still the 21st Best Month of August Same Data but Fiscal Year-like view SCHOOL TERM — not near the 8,693 Sales 10 Yr average The Orange Bars are shrimpy Ron Hauth shows us Prices AND Sales at same time

Is Market similar in 905 vs 416? Yep

Distribution of the 21st Best Month’s Sales East creeping up as 416 fades (percentage-wise) By Zones Price gain Y over Y in 416 while flat in 905s BUT 905 still higher Average Price by 7% TYPES of Houses Significant 416 Price Premium in Detached, Semi’s and Condo apt 905 & 416 sales are based on…