keep hearing “yield down, price up?” and wonder what the BOND universe is speaking about?

It’s the divine futures market where “everything is backwards” to enable “a vision” into the predicted-by-past future (and never say “this time it’s different” HERE is the 10 Year Real Interest Rate pictogram   TUESDAY VIDEO you saw this right

I’ve been wondering about the “Hot Market” Sales Spikes that occurred in Q1 of 1991 & 1994 – Looking now using “Time Excerpts” from the Fabulous Charts at Paul Zammit Realty Ltd (www

Here’s the whole thing —1972-2017 Here’s the “Time Excerpts” -the peak-to-trough period 1989-1997 Blue on Left is Average Prices (red) vs Mortgage Rate (white) Purple on Right is Units Sold (column) vs Ave Prices (line)   I’ll work on recalling what interest rate & socio-poli events were taking place to push sales in middle of…