Stranger in Strange Land. This time, a 10 year perspective on Inventory, New Listings, Days on Mkt(2), Months of Supply(2), Sales to New Listings (aka STNL), Sales (2) …. doesn’t really help (alas)

INVENTORY NEW LISTINGS Days on Market (and Property {all listings together}) MONTHS of Supply (2) (i.e. Month-end Inventory div by Monthly sales) SALES as a % of New Listings (STNL Ratio) THIS IS THE ONLY STAT that compares to “NORMAL” …. kinda like “Two Wrongs Making a Right” SALES in May (2)

A Look at 416 and the GTA 905, 705 Regions

Where are the sales being made? Have you got that in numbers? ** 67.6% of Sales are OUTSIDE of 416 (lower purchase prices there – more buyers can qualify) normally it’s 60%, but why quibble since it hasn’t been 60% for more than a yr ** Price Differential is 17% for May and only 13.5%…