reply to “More buyers pushed out of market…for now”

This article exemplifies two or three of my pet peeves about newspaper writers, headline writers and print/post editors when the add stories on Real Estate and quote “experts” from the Stock/ Bond/ Financial Derivative/ Wealth-Mgmnt fee-gathering / wholesale REIT-flogging businesses   … who have competing “dogs in the hunt” for consumer investment $$$

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 19:27

More buyers pushed out of market…for now

Written by  Grainne Burns in Canadian Real Estate Wealth Online Magazine



Uncle Bob Ede says:

Old data. Alarmist tone. No insight – just out-of-date housing info manufactured into a sensationalist “news story”

#1, the AVERAGE Cdn home price AND the AVERAGE Cdn household income does not exist, it’s a calculation, a hypothetical, yes a benchmark – but that benchmark must be looked at as an annual (perhaps qtrly) trend, not monthly news

#2 The rise in mortgage rates in Sept 2013 (due to a complete mis-interpretation of US Fed Chm Bernacke’s August Fed Minutes/comments, the subsequent over-reaction in USA bond market and the automatic, opportunity-reaping rate-hikes of 2-5yr term, mortgage lenders) coupled with recovering prices in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and highest-ever for the month prices in Toronto, Hamilton (I think in Quebec City and other cities too) have of course made the mathematical ratios jump. (I leave the seasonally-adjusted “integrity” of the numbers for another time)

BUT these rates have now almost completely return to their former all-time record low in all term categories

Therefore the news ain’t news today – and that’s when buyers buy or contemplate buying -today.

Presenting 180%-off-accurate housing affordability info, that has been already-proved-wrong in the time subsequent to the collection/ analysis/ publication of the underlying data, as hot news, is mis-representation of a kind any Registered Real Estate Person is prohibited from making.

Mildly dis-respectfully,





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