Two visions of the Power-sharing Hierarchy of post-1982 Canada: Imperial(yes, still the source of sovereignty & all authority + an, un-appeal-able Veto), Executive(yes,still includes Queen), Legislative (yes, still includes Queen). BUT, I thought we ‘Patriated’ the Constitution? and got rid of all that….

No. Mr Elliot-Legacy-Trudeau simply cobbled together an impossible to utilise (beyond Bi-Lateral Changes involving 1 Prov & Feds) Amending Formula and slapped it together with a Condition-ridden Code of Provisional Rights (that we already had stronger versions of in Common Law) and had the UK’s enabling legislation stipulate that the Lords and UK Commons would back-out of all things Canadian ….. but the Office Of Monarch was left unchanged.

Why bother to HAVE a Constitution … if you don’t follow it? -Alta Premier Ralph Klein

Why HAVE a Constitution … if you don’t know what it’s background documents (1763-to now) have say?

All — Pre-Confederation Documents

& the more well-known Big Ones:

  1. The Royal Proclamation, 1763.
  2. The Québec Act, 1774.
  3. The Constitutional Act, 1791.
  4. The Union Act, 1840.

As for the As-Amended 1867 BNA & 1982 Canadian Constitution, you can look them up 


My reason for posting, as an Intro,  may I be bold enough to offer a Visual-Aid –a dline-drawn snapshot of the “observed” Structure of Canadian Govt – ‘what everything THINKS is true’ regardless of the actual Constitution Provisions.

I created these drawings for my 2006 By-Election Campaign in London Ontario as an Independent Candidate.

as observed 2006-1

Compare the above to the As Written & still Legal but ignored and never studied – at our (currently enjoyed) peril

IF the governors won’t follow the written BNA/Constitution – what will they follow?

and what can you ‘manage back to’ — if not to the BNA/Constitution

1867 v2 AS WRITTEN in BNA-page0001


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