Stewardship! – The forgotten ingredient

Stewardship! – The forgotten ingredient of Canadian public life
The (machinery of) government – the departments, directors, managers and employees are simply the worker-bees.
They have become/devolved into a Unionized Govt Monopoly bathed in job-related entitlements, whose syndicalist leaders deceive them (and us) with the phrase “parity w the private sector”
The Legislative Order’s Lower house Cabinet Ministers are Trustees of the Fisc (public purse )
The Upper House (intended to represent the propertied/taxpaying class of voters /subjects) has lost its mandate and purpose – $4000 just ain’t what it was in 1867
The Members of the Privy Council (Executive Order) are Stewards of the (Imperial Order) Crown’s duties and Responsibilities 
Jumbling together control of ALL of these hierarchical levels of our Power-sharing, double-check system in the hands of political RE-election bosses has ruined the whole splendidly-designed thing
The Nobility of the Crown is cast in the mud pen and the caution by necessity of its Imperial noblesse oblige is squandered bit by bit on voting blocks, tax expenditures to wealthy donors/friends and out-and-out giveaways in the tightly contested tidings
Only in Canada you say ….. pity

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