Updated from Jan 15/19 –Everything is Selling – it’s Feb … everybody’s back to work

A few lines now in anticipation of TREB’s report for Jan 2109 (apprehended statistical revelation (3+3 uses in this context- War Measures Act Oct 1970)

My MLS-Stratus Jan 1-31 says 4119 homes sold on TREB with 649 Sold Conditions awaiting Buyer/Sellers sorting out some contingency or other

#1 If you look you’ll see lots of homes in 416 are selling in JANUARY – esp one that did not sell last year … but with a price reduction and/or a new LBO approach or strategy – last years’ (pessimistic) price is being gobbled up in the new optimistic light of THIS year

#2 Since the 10yr average January is 4303 my 4119 is just 4.28% less (amid all the doom-gloom news reports no less) and if TREB cuts their 30 month sales on 25th (in this case meaning Dec 26/18 thru Jan 25.19) and reports 3900 it will be 9.37% than the 10 yr — and there were SOME BIG YEARS in that decade

Talk soon

TREB has a Market Review, Report and Forecast Wed 6th – so likely their stat report will be soon (overnight again?) released

Jan 15 post begins —

It’s too soon to say anything For Sure


Listings that had been languishing …. have just sold

2019 Buyers taking advantage of “Last Year’s Price” from Sellers who were beat-up by late-2018 market dreariness

and glad to be moving

Here come the 2019 New Listings

… at what price??

… at how many at once in any one area?



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