To Be Consulted, To Encourage and to Warn – why not ask Her Majesty more often?

Dear Editors,
Recent events demonstrate that, even in Canada, absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
This is why the Fathers of Confederation DIDN’T seek a Democracy  of only-Humans warring in the bosom of the Commons.
Instead they established the four hierarchical elements within our 1867 BNA/Constitution power-sharing agreement that all have separate, yet integrated purposes.
The Legislative Power contains the Democratic Element in the Commons and the Property/Taxpayer Class is represented equally from all Regions in the Upper House.
The permanent, non-political, ‘machinery of governing’- the Departments and its army of Civil Servants are administered by the Executive Power,  its Privy Council acting under the command and control of the Sovereign’s authority vested in the Office of Governor General.
The source of all Authority, Sovereignty and Deciding-power is the best-educated, longest-serving, most-experienced, world & family weary wisest  person in the world – The Queen of Canada – whose vast experience we waste by ignoring Her presence and feigning nescience of Her obligation to us as part of the Commonwealth.
If Her job is to Be Consulted, To Encourage and to Warn isn’t this a good time to ask the Queen for a meeting?
Couldn’t the Hon Jody have benefited from giving the eldest Grandmother a listen?
Surely Her Majesty has seen Political-Corporate hot potatoes juggled well (and poorly) etc etc
Given our independent streak, until we finish the Patriation process by holding Elections to select the next Governor Generals (and inflation-adjust the Senate’s $4,000 qualification) shouldn’t we INSIST on a Governor General of Stature, Nobility, Wisdom, Grace and Power to Just Say No to an all-political decision from the lower Orders of our power hierarchy?
The Queen in-Council is Dead, Long Live the Canadian Queen and Her Vice Regal representative.

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