TREB was HOT in March 2019! here’s your 10yr Perspective – BUT try to find a “good-looking” listing to show that isn’t already S/Conditional, on sign-back or with 5 offers registered

These seems to show a calmly advancing market —

BUT try to find a “good-looking” listing to show that isn’t already awaiting cheque, S/Conditional, on sign-back, with 5 offers ready to present tonite/tomo 


3.42% below the 10 yr for March




Now this IS something — New were off by ~10% (which has been constant in 2019)

— given there “is nothing” in 416 (ie that lasts more than 7 days)

— BUT the drop-off in NEW LISTINGS in March (vs the 10yr) is largely in 905



Days on MARKET (NOT the new way … they’re trying to ‘adjust’ this stat too)

ho- hum 21 days vs 21.4 days in 10 yrs of March



Months of Supply (last month’s inventory at last month Rate of Consumption)

WELL HOLD the PRESSES – Months of Supply is ~11% over the 10 yr ave in March

so we have 2.17 months of Supply instead of the average 1.96 months

we-re still 50% of the 4 months (fading sales AND building inventories) that was the super-slump following the Global Monetary/Financial & Confidence Crisis in 2008-09



MLS Sales as a Percentage of New Listings (notwithstanding effect of Terminate/ Re-list)

Yes the Ratio of 51.35% is ~10% beneath the 10 yr March Ave …. but look at the chart before and after April 2017 …. the Terminate and Re-list game is reflected here


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