TREB stats — a 10 year Look = typical


April was 1.17% below the 10 year Average

85 INVENTORY Apr2019-page0001

New Listings

– April was 0.16% Over the 10 yr

86 NEW LISTINGS-Apr2019-page0001

Days on Market

April 19 days vs 10yr of 20.6 days

87 DAYS on Market-Apr2019-page0001

Months of Supply (Inventory at today’s selling rate)

10 yr is 1.91 months of Inventory — April was 1.99 months

88a Months of Inventory-Apr2019-1

Sales to New Listing Ratio (pre and post bubble)

10 yr says 58.09% of Listings sell

April said 52.55% of Listings were sold

That’s 9.52% UNDER the average

88b Sales asPerCentofNewList-Apr2019-1



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