ScotiaBank Economics “charts” their own course in R E Stats

Their Provincial Economist (Marc Desormeaux) has enhanced their ‘old style’ report with a Double Chart – combining yr/yr % Chg in a market’s Adjusted House Price Index (HPI) with a lagged-by-6-months representation of that area’s Sales-to-New Listing Ratio.

I’m amazed at how well these two market indicators’ “peaks” – line up together when placed this way

I’ve not seen this comparison before and might not have ever thought of the combination (because I don’t like how TREB’s Sales to Listing is often dis-informative, really don’t like to use/follow algorithmic/adjusted Sale Prices and rarely

First Southern Ontario

GTA looks like it was slow-paced relative to most of these …

(Q. Why isn’t a Seller’s Market Top/bottom limits always the same?)

Scotiabank April Can Stat Chart-page-004

Then Ottawa, Montreal & Moncton — look at Ottawa and Montreal (too bad actual prices aren’t on here too)

Scotiabank April Can Stat Chart-page-005

Western Canada – 7 markets — very similar to each other

Scotiabank April Can Stat Chart-page-003

— WOW … a lot of detailed collection & display here (too much for me)

Scotiabank April Can Stat Chart-page-002

Summary (I’m glad Marc D is on OUR side and not another shill for the Stock/Bond desk at the Bank)

Scotiabank April Can Stat Chart-page-001




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