Statistics speak with accents

You may not have seen my comment on NatPost “sky is falling” piece

It’s going to be hard to own a home in Toronto if you are not part of the 10%: report

Comment: It’s vital that Canadian taxpayers/voters appreciate the Statscan concept of Quintiles because this is how the mandarins think.

Statscan divides the total population into a) Families and b) Unattached Individuals and then breaks each into Fifths or Quintiles ie 20% Income groups.

Highest (Silk Collar), Fourth (White Collar), Third (Blue Collar), Second (Company Collar) & Lowest ( No Collar) NB the names in brackets are my ‘contribution 4 clarity’

Statscan examines 1) Income BEFORE Taxes paid and Gov’t Transfers received and 2) Income After Taxes and Transfer.

Sadly Statscan does not provide a one-page summary … so I did.

For Families AFTER Gov’t Transfers and BEFORE Tax — Average Income for the Quintile: Lowest $30,068; Second $53,817; Third $77,963; Fourth $110,313 & Highest $200,913.

I’ll send you this whole summary via

Quintiles from pdf2018-page-001

Source of most of NatPost’s conclusions is from this blog post



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