PACE of the Market –July 2022

I’ll change the 10 year average Comparison Order a bit – to focus on PACE Benchmarks

DAYS on MARKET — yes there are two


MONTHS OF Supply – also two

Sales versus Inventory (two absolute Month-end Numbers that cannot be fiddled-with or fudged)

Sales To New Listing PERCENTAGE (although many call it a RATIO)

as publish — 40.78% of NEW Listings are Selling

BUT 27.7% of that New Listings number are “Do-Overs”

meaning that 56.7% of the NetNumber of NEW LISTINGS are selling

Put THAT in your Smoke and Pipe it!

See NEW LISTINGS Chart immediately following

Here’s the NEW LISTING Chart w all-included ReList-Share NEW LISTING vs Net New

ACTUAL NEW LISTING ARE OFF 39.49% not 16.36% as published

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