Rates and Home Prices are Inversely Related — NB this has all happened before. I think we are re-visiting late 1970s (U.S.Fed Chair Paul Volker raised rates, killed EVERYTHING … and inflation still came back)

Click link below to OPEN Your Own Version of this Interactive chart from Bank of Canada When you open it Drag the toggle to select Start Year & Finish Year — then mouse-hover to see Date/Rates precisely https://www.bankofcanada.ca/rates/banking-and-financial-statistics/posted-interest-rates-offered-by-chartered-banks/ NOW — If we can combine the two (and maybe adjust the House Prices for CPI) For…

August 2022 — 4 Looks at PRICES

Seems like the end of the slide? (not worse than 1 year ago at least) Two year change coalescing at 13% gain – does that mean anything? TrREB Bar Chart — Orange bar — Let’s talk in a month Ron Hauth’s view of the recent Price Surges – since 2010 and since 1972