Dec 30th 2022 Video 2) What’s ahead for Buyers and Sellers 1) and also what has just happened + 3) Creative Mortgage Interest Averaging & the Advantages for BOTH Buyer (saves $100K over 5 yrs) and Seller (sells for 5-15% above Q3 2022 — receives all as Tax-free proceeds from Sale of Principal Residence)

CHARTS From the Video

SIMILAR but MORE Years and has textBox re 22nd of 27 prior Dec’s

PRICES est from prior 21 Dec % Chg from Nov

Worksheet showing Nov/Dec Price % Chg calcs

#3 BONUS for Blog viewers

three views on a $1MM GTA residential sale with 20% Down Payment

NB it’s all about the Monthly Payments …. for next 2-3 yrs

Email me anytime 8am-8pm

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