Jan 20 Video Chat ++ Early Look at January 2023 Performance – Spring Market begins on first Saturday after the Kids to Back to school!!

Two Looks at Projected SALES

We continue (7th consecutive month) being 45% below the 5 & 10 year averages

and 50-60% below the Level of HOT market sales

Prices: two Different Looks

Calendar year (Jan to Dec) using the 20 year average of % chg from Dec to January which is +1.29%

and our Minimum is the 10 MONTH Average of 2022 From Feb to December 2022 which is -2.12%

Projected Average Price is $1,064,461 – about 14.35% BELOW last January

Min Price is $1,028,930 -about 17.21% below Jan 2022

By comparison

SCHOOL YEAR chart looks at TWO year change

Jan 2023 is projected to be 6.31% to 9.98% ABOVE the Jan 2021 Price (2 year % chg)

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