416 does differ from 905 …. how?

The Concentrations of Sales CHANGED in Sept There is a 14.18% Difference in Average Price There is a big variation in Ave Price by Type of Dwelling 416 Ave Prices are 3.12% off its 2017 Peak while 905 Ave Price is 13.54% off its 2017 Peak The NUMBER of Sales in 905 is back to…

TREB PRICES – 4 Looks at September 2019

January-Dec (Calendar year) 2002-2019 We are 8.3% off All-Time (& Spring) Peak … and it’s September NEW School Year Sept-Aug 2019-20 started — extreme left – solitary diamond is Sept 2019 TREB’s 4 years-at-once version The Legendary Ron Hauth’s Straight-to-the-Heart 1972-now Simplicity of Expression  —  I can see clearly, now    

Adjusted for CPI (x2) TREB Prices

Nobody likes these (except me) 1989 = 100 Recent 2017 Annual Peak and Current Month $   Same Data except WITH each year’s Nominal (un-adjusted) data as well inspiration for Arrows and Commentary courtesy of Arlo Guthrie Alice’s Restaurant